Stratford's only major video store is closing its door, for good.

Longtime owners John and Judy George have decided to retire and give up their Video Plus Books store in the Festival City.

The couple tried to close before but loyal customers swayed their decision.

“It’s been a great ride. We've had people that come from all over Ontario that come here and buy their movies. People that come from the states, they come and they watch a play, every year they come here and they pick up their movies,’ said John George.

He said tens of thousands of customers have stopped in over 32 years. He reminisced that at one point the latest VHS would cost around $57.

“We’ve outlasted and out maneuvered at least 13 other stores,13 other video stores, several music stores, some game stores, everyone created some kind of impact on us,” said John.

Stevie Simons has been working with the Georges for seven years getting to know the loyal customer base.

“They’re kind of like family almost now. At a certain point, you know their accounts. You got them ready to go. You know exactly what they’re looking forward to,” he said.

The owners said there is no official date set for the closure, however, it will be sometime in October.

With reporting from CTV Kitchener's Natalie van Rooy