LONDON, ON -- Kettle Creek Public School will no longer allow students to use their cellphones outside of schoolwork during school hours.

Beginning Tuesday, February 18, students will be required to put their phone into a provided pouch and hand it in to their teacher.

A school official tells CTV News that while they are not against the use of cellphones for learning, they want to ensure they are used appropriately.

Teachers will provide students pouches at the beginning of the day and will return them once the learning day is over.

It will fall to the teachers’ discretion as to whether or not their phone can be used for specific permitted activities.

The letter sent to families stated in part, “If you are uncomfortable with this policy, please feel free to have your child keep their cell phone at home. If your child needs to be in touch with you or you need to be in touch with your child throughout the school day, do not hesitate to give us a call at the school.”

“Unfortunately, we are finding that students are becoming more and more distracted from their learning and it is impacting their academic achievement in a negative way.”

The letter also stated the school has landline phones available to students, should they need to contact someone.