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Nearly 70 victim impact statements expected at Nathaniel Veltman sentencing


As the Crown and the defence discussed legal matters ahead of the sentencing hearing of Nathaniel Veltman, the court heard that 68 victim impact statements are expected to be submitted.

If they are all read into the record, it could take up one of the two days set aside for the hearing scheduled for Jan. 4-5, 2023 in London.

Many of the statements are expected to be from relatives and friends of the Afzaal family, along with Muslim community leaders.

In June of 2021, three generations of the Afzaal family were run over by Veltman’s pickup truck as they walked along Hyde Park Road in west London. The lone survivor was a nine-year-old boy who is now living with relatives.

After a lengthy trial Veltman, 22, was convicted of intentionally running them over and was found guilty of four counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder.

Besides the victim impact statements, Justice Renee Pomerance will review the evidence and will have to determine whether Veltman, a self-proclaimed “white nationalist,” should be deemed a terrorist.

The matter has been put over until next week for more legal discussions ahead of the sentencing date. Top Stories

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