LONDON, ONT. -- The London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) is hosting its spring London & Area Works job fair online.

The LEDC is venturing to move from an in-person job fair to a virtual job fair in an effort to connect job seekers with employers during the pandemic.

“We thought it was incredibly important to run a virtual job fair. We know there are many people that have been temporarily or permanently laid off, and we wanted them to know about these services that can help them polish their resumes, practice their interview skills, and get ready when some other opportunities are starting to resurface,” says LEDC’s director of workforce development, Robert Collins.

Collins says they have made this virtual job fair open to any employer that is hiring.

“We have a broad range of employers, some in the health care field, some in manufacturing, some in providing costumer service, both in person and in warehouse operations. We have quiet the range of positions moving from both professional, technical and front-line services all being recruited by employers.”

Collins says although the current job market is different, there are still employers looking to hire.

“There are less jobs available, but I was heartened, I went on the local job hub, which is an aggregator from various different job boards, and I noticed there were more than 50 positions posted today from across different sectors.

Each of the employers who will be participating, have been encouraged to have people manning their virtual booth to be able to respond to the job seekers.

“The particular platform that we’ve chosen has the opportunity for job seekers to meet with a hole range of employers. We have 17 employers and 17 community agencies registered so far. They will be able to not only chat with them by text, but also employers can phone them, or have a video call all within the same platform,” says Collins.

Collins says the virtual job fair will be quiet the impactful experience.

“You’ll be able to walk through a lobby, and into the booth to see and connect with both the employment agency and employer present. And at any given time you can pop-out to get some tips to help you succeed. And when you leave the job fair you will be able to take a little bit of a brief case with you, with some of the information, and connections you’ve made with the different employers along the way.”

Collins adds, that in the days ahead, the world will be more virtual. This job fair will be a good opportunity, for employers, community agencies, and job seekers to learn how to better perform together in a more virtual world.

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