The roundabout at Sunningdale Road and Wonderland Road North opened to traffic on Friday after months of construction.

It is the first multi-lane roundabout in the city, and was designed to improve accessibility with more traffic lanes and bicycle lanes.

It was also designed to be safer and more accessible to pedestrians with the addition of sidewalks and tactile plates.

The city has released a list of tips to help drivers new to roundabouts:

  • use the right lane if your intended exit is located to the right
  • use the left lane if your intended exit is located to the left
  • select either lane if your intended exit is straight through.
  • slow down and read the signs
  • yield to all traffic - including cyclists - in the roundabout
  • enter when there is a safe gap
  • be aware of pedestrians
  • never pass another vehicle in the roundabout
  • when you have reached your exit, use your right hand turn signal and exit

A combination of high volume and high speeds at the busy intersection, which was also the scene of several fatal collisions over the last decade, prompted the city's decision to install a roundabout.