A St. Catharine's children's author is in London with a new book and an inspiring real-life story about finding the strength to overcome challenges.

Miriam Laundry’s new book ‘I Can Believe in Myself’ is part of a journey of healing that began with tragedy, the suicide of her 17-year-old niece.

"I was feeling very depressed and very sad. I couldn't understand why something like that would happen, and I had a lot of questions," Laundry says.

The mother of four decided to turn her grief into helping kids face their fears with the story of a  little girl named Molly.

"It's based on a Grade 2 classroom.  And she's the girl who's been chosen to be the star of the day, so she has to bring a show and tell the next day.  And she's just so fearful."

The book's message is simple and powerful, "It's teaching children to believe in themselves. And they have the answers to overcoming things.

The book is available online at miriamlaundrybooks.com and copies will be sold this weekend at the Home County Festival. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

‘I Can Believe in Myself’ is the first in a series of book about Molly focused on finding strength from within.

Laundry says "I'm not curing depression by any means, but I’m helping my kids and the kids that I’m encountering to know to believe in themselves.”