It's a company that opened its doors in 2004 when owner Mike Draper noticed a hole in the kitchen industry

“I’ve always been in the kitchen industry and i was in the granite business back in the 2000's and what i was finding was people were coming in and asking for sinks and faucets and I was sending them to the big box stores to find them,” Draper says.

That's when draper saw an opportunity and opened Bristol Sinks and Faucets

“I finally got sick of sending them all away so i sourced out my own sinks from the states and then i liked the quality of them and eventually fast forwarding we opened a company in Canada just cause no one was supplying that type of sinks at the time.”

And supplying the sinks in a competitive way

“It was more the cost and availability of undermount sinks at that time the average sink was approx 700-1000 where we were able to bring up the same quality sinks for a fraction of that price.”

There are over 50 products sold here, draper says the best seller is the modern undermount sink

“The most popular is still the stainless steel sink you see the trend change in the industry where they've gone from a stamped sink with the larger corners to a more rectangular based sink with smaller corners.”

And when it comes to the faucets draper says theirs stand out.

“Our faucets are unique because they go against conventional construction where they are made of stainless steel most have PVC and plastic but ours are stainless straight through and that's not available in the big boxes stores and we are probably the biggest company in Canada to promote that stuff.”

Draper says if you can't afford a massive kitchen reno, sometimes a sink is all you need.

“When it comes to just doing a minor reno just a sink or a faucet can make a difference, just the simple change can make a big change in the kitchen.”

When the company started up 15 years ago the hopes were to sell at least 10 sinks a day and it definitely hit that goal, the company is now shipping out 200-300 sinks across Canada daily.

The success of the company over the past 15 years means it will have to move into a new larger 50-thousand square foot facility in the future to accommodate the customer demand.