WINGHAM, ONT. -- Marcia McCall McBain and Ryan O’Reilly gave back to their hometowns in different ways Monday.

McBain is a world-renowned researcher and philanthropist, who grew up near Walton.

As part of her McCall McBain Foundation, she donated $35,000 worth of iPads to be used in Huron County’s hospitals, hospices and long-term care homes.

Fifty-four iPads are being distributed by Gwen Devereaux, from the Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health.

“These are not inexpensive items, their ability to connect family during this time with patients and residents is amazing. We’re so pleased to be a part of it,” says Devereaux.

Lynn Higgs is the manager of Huron County’s Community Mental Health Services, which is receiving four iPads for resident use.

“The iPads are filled with some things that people can access through the library, some books for example. But also, it allows them the ability to connect with their loved ones,” she says.

The other Huron County superstar giving back  is Stanley Cup champion, Ryan O’Reilly.

“Snook’s Sanitizer Drive” came to an end Monday, with over $40,000 worth of hand sanitizer being donated to Huron County health care facilities.

“It is pretty amazing to see all the local families and businesses step up and do something so impactful. Just the way this came together and to see the reaction makes me so proud to be from Huron County," says O'Reilly.

"Thanks to our local front-line heroes, we are so appreciative of everything you do and the sacrifices you make by going to work. Hope everyone is safe."

His parents were on hand to wrap up the sanitizer drive, that will see 2,100 bottles of hand sanitizer distributed across the county. That’s enough to provide one bottle for every bed or suite in every long-term care facility, hospice and hospital in Huron County.

“It’s a brave new world. We’re probably going to see a lot more drives like this before we see the end of COVID-19. It’s a very need fulfilling thing for lots of people to get this. And for people to donate and help make it happen, and enrich the community,” says Ryan’s father, Brian O’Reilly.

Over 50 families, dozens of businesses, local service clubs, municipalities and minor hockey associations all donated money to support “Snook’s Sanitizer Drive.”