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Nearly homeless, London man with developmental disability now has temporary home

Shawn Mitchell has come a long way in three weeks.

CTV News London first introduced you to Mitchell last month when he was facing potential long-term homelessness, and was taken in by a friend in mid-May. It wasn’t a permanent solution to Mitchell’s housing situation, but it bought some time.

Mitchell had been living in a group home run by Community Living London, but had left that environment after what he described as “mistakes” he had made, leading to frustration.

Now, with the help of St. Aidan’s Anglican Church and Community Living London, Mitchell has been placed in transitional housing, with a space to himself.

“I like it because it’s better than living on the street, or in a hotel or motel,” Mitchell said.

Shawn Mitchell and Kevin George go on a hike in London, Ont. on June 7, 2023. (Daryl Newcombe/CTV News London)“Very happy to say Shawn is no longer homeless,” added Kevin George, reverend at St. Aidan’s. “An incredible blessing.”

George has been heavily involved in finding a permanent housing solution for Mitchell since learning of his story. He had taken issue with Community Living London’s policy which allowed Mitchell to leave their facility in the first place.

“We had to put our differences behind us,” George said. “His dignity is what matters most to all of us.”

Mitchell will get about three hours a day of support from Community Living London staff in his new transitional housing situation, said George.

Mitchell has been embraced by the St. Aidan’s congregation. About 20 members of the church will also help Mitchell out when they can.

While a more permanent housing arrangement is worked on, Mitchell is expressing his gratitude by leading a spiritual Celtic prayer walk through the woods this week for parishioners who have supported him.

“I feel thankful for the church and their congregation, and all the people in the community that helped out,” said Mitchell. Top Stories

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