Residents and business owners are raising concerns about an intersection where a young woman was hit by a car last week.

The pedestrian was standing near the corner of Main and Campbell Streets when she was hit, just after 9 a.m. Friday.

The woman remains  in critical but stable condition.

Almost immediately after the story was posted on the CTV London Facebook page, comments were posted raising concerns about the intersection.

"Almost every day there’s an accident that almost happened, but somehow it got prevented,” says Mo Almallah.

Almallah is co-owner of the Top Crew Barbershop located close to the intersection.

He says recent changes appear to be contributing to confusion at the corner and says he's had his own share of close calls.

“Instead of going left, they just keep going. I almost had, I would say, three or four accidents”

The intersection is where Wharncliffe Road turns into Main Street in Lambeth. Prior to recent construction, Main Street was two lanes in both directions.

It’s now been converted into three lanes with a centre turn lane. Wharncliffe has remained two lanes heading southwest into Lambeth, but the left lane has now become a turn lane, taking traffic onto Campbell.

Many drivers that haven’t realized their lane is no longer taking them where they want to go, do an abrupt merge to the right. Some are already part way through the intersection when they make their move.

Ward 9 Coun. Anna Hopkins says she’s heard concerns from residents and taken them to city hall. "I think it is important that staff be aware of the concerns that the community has."

Residents say there appear to be a number of factors contributing to the confusion. One is a lack of familiarity with the changes; another may be that the approach to intersection is on a curve.

There is also the change in the posted speed limit. Wharncliffe goes from an 80 km/hr zone, down to a 50 km/hr zone, within 300 meters of the intersection.

Hopkins says the changes were made on Main Street to slow down traffic in Lambeth.

"We've gone from a Main Street where it was more like a speedway. Now we're trying to create that slowing down, that village feel.”

Police say their investigation into Friday’s collision is ongoing and few details are being released at this point. They do say the car was heading west on Wharncliffe when it crossed the lane hitting the woman on the southwest corner.