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How do you feel about the green bin program and change in garbage collection schedule?

Green bins as seen on the curb in London, Ont. (Source: City of London) Green bins as seen on the curb in London, Ont. (Source: City of London)

The City of London is collecting feedback on the newly-rolled out green bin program and bi-weekly garbage pickup.

According to the city, the feedback will be used to inform a preliminary review of the changes that were implemented Jan. 15.

The 13-question survey is looking for information such as level of satisfaction with collection schedules, what materials you’d like to see added to green bins and how do you feel about the three-container limit as part of bi-weekly garbage collection.

There’s also additional space to leave any questions or comments that may not have been addressed as part of the survey.

As of Jan. 15, Green Bins and recycling started to be picked up at the curb every week.

Hoping that would reduce the amount of waste in garbage bins, collection moved to bi-weekly.

— With files from CTV News London's Sean Irvine

How to use the Green Bin

In the kitchen

Use your Kitchen Container to store food waste and table scraps before moving them to your Green Bin. Certified compostable liners or paper items can be used to help absorb liquids. Plastic bags cannot be used.


Preparing your Green Bin

When your Kitchen Container is full, empty it into your Green Bin every few days. Certified compostable liners are accepted in the Green Bin. You do not have to use a liner, but they can help contain food waste and reduce odours. Remember to use the latch on the Green Bin lid to securely keep it closed.


Placing it at the curb

Follow your collection schedule to place your Green Bin at the curb on the correct days. After your Green Bin’s contents are collected, retrieve your bin from the curb. Top Stories


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