The founder of the Salthaven Wildlife and Education Centre is urging the public to get in touch with local MPPs about the inaction of the Ontario government to protect endangered species.

Brian Salt says proposed changes could see developers pay a fee instead of taking action to protect threatened species at a build site.

"People need to make them aware that this legislation is dangerous, regressive and irresponsible," says Salt.

He took to Twitter last Friday (Endangered Species Day) calling out the current Ontario government.

He adds Salthaven has always been apolitical, but felt the need to say something on social media.

"We aren't activists and we do what we do with rescuing sick injured or orphaned wildlife. However on Endangered Species Day I thought it was appropriate to speak out about this new legislation."

The Province has made many changes to its Ontario's Endangered Species Act that critics say limits some protection for wildlife.

Salt says there are over 240 species at risk in the province, and he feels the new act will endanger them even more.

"What they are doing is paving the way for big business to pay a fee in order to ignore species in an area they want to build in."

Salt says the previous Liberal government "put the Endangered Species Act on life support by taking down eagle nests to make way for wind turbines" and now he can't believe the Doug Ford government is "pulling the plug."