A brother and sister from Huron County will make a bicycle trip across the country this spring.

Will and Claire Fleming have had little time on a bike, but that won’t stop them from attempting the 7,650-kilometre journey.

“For not having ever biked more than five kilometers, biking for 50 days straight will be quite daunting for sure,” Will says.

The idea started as a joke to kill some time for Will before the end of school and a summer internship. It has quickly turned into a quest to help some families pay for their children’s involvement in sports.

One-third of Canadian families cannot afford organized sport.

“We thought one in three was way too high, so we’re riding for them,” Claire says.

They trek will begin on April 13.

“I think it will be a great challenge. I can hardly wait to get started,” she says.

They’re hoping to raise $1 for each kilometre they bike.