A young London woman's desire to live is sparking an online campaign.

With time running out, Jillian Di Bernardo is hoping her public plea will help her find a liver.

At just 28 years old, Di Bernardo needs a liver transplant immediately and only a living donor can help.

"It progressed quicker than I had imagined and perhaps quickly than the doctors had imagined," says Di Bernardo.

Di Bernardo first became ill in 2010. At first the drugs helped but over the past year they haven't.

Her appearance has changed significantly. She's lost weight and muscle and gained fluid around her abdomen.

"I want to hold onto hope that I can recover from this," she says.

Di Bernardo is familiar with liver transplants, her mother had a successful one 11 years ago, only to become sick again as Jillian faces her battle.

"We see each other in pain and I cannot imagine what it is like for her, to see her daughter going through what she had," says Di Bernardo.

Her doctors suggested she contact the media and make an online plea for living donors.

On Facebook she's posted her story and it has been shared hundreds of times.

There is also a GoFundMe page, https://www.gofundme.com/vf7qdf44 where people can contribute to her cause.

For those with an O blood type who are interested in donating, you can learn more about live liver donation and find contact details on the LHSC website.