A woman who was abandoned on a plane has now been identified as a St. Thomas resident.

Nearly two weeks ago Tiffany Adams says she had to be rescued from an Air Canada plane after she fell asleep and woke up alone hours later.

The June 9th flight was from Quebec City to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

Adams, with the name Tiffani Louise O’Brien on her ticket, says she laid down to sleep less than halfway into the short, 90-minute flight.

She says, when she woke up, she was completely alone in the pitch-black aircraft.

There was no power in the plane and her cell phone died shortly after she realized what had happened.

Adams says she made her way to the cockpit and discovered a flashlight.

She then went to a cabin door and, sitting in the door about 40 feet off the ground, she waved the flashlight around until a member of the baggage handling crew noticed her and arranged to get her down.

Air Canada says officials are reviewing the incident but didn’t provide any other information.