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Veltman to be sentenced in January for killing London, Ont. Muslim family


Two days have been set aside for the sentencing of Nathaniel Veltman.

The convicted killer will be sentenced Jan. 4 and 5, 2024 in the deaths of four members of the Afzaal family.

He appeared via video link in a Windsor, Ont. court from the Southwest Detention Centre in Windsor.

Court is expecting to hear at least a dozen victim impact statements.

It’s not clear how many statements will be read in–person by those impacted or read into court.

The case, which the jury heard over more than two months, was the first where Canada's terrorism laws were put before a jury in a first-degree murder trial.

The judge overseeing the trial, Justice Renee Pomerance, instructed the jury they could convict Veltman of first-degree murder if they unanimously agreed prosecutors had established he intended to kill the victims, and planned and deliberated his attack.

She also told the jurors they could reach that same verdict if they found that the killings were terrorist activity.

However, the terror component isn't a separate charge, and juries don't explain how they reach their verdict, so it's unclear what role -- if any -- the terror allegations played in their decision.

Pomerance may make findings on that issue as part of the sentencing process.

The trial was heard in Windsor, Ont., but the sentencing proceedings will take place in London, the location of the attack.

Before the sentencing hearing, Veltman is due to appear in court by video on Dec. 5.

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