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Rival hockey teams at Western raise money for cancer while pushing for sports equality


Two rival faculties at Western University went head to head — raising a chunk of money for charity.

It was the second annual Engineering Faculty versus Ivey Faculty women’s hockey game at Western's Thompson Arena, taking place on Nov. 17.

Historically, there have only been men's Ivey and Engineering hockey teams until last year’s inaugural game.

That first edition was organized in just three weeks — with only 200 people in attendance.

“Over the last 7 months, the vision has expanded into eventually putting the women’s game on par with the men’s game,” said Kate Thomson, captain of the Ivey Women’s hockey team.

That’s when a group of eight extremely passionate female hockey players from the engineering and Ivey faculties came together as leaders to organize the tournament.

This year's game sold-out more than 1,400 tickets, raising over $7,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer research wing. Top Stories

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