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Million Dollar Quartet rocks the Grand Theatre stage


The latest musical production at the Grand Theatre in London, Ont. brings four rock and roll legends together for a dynamic jam session.

The Million Dollar Quartet is an energetic show that takes place in Memphis, Tenn.

Petrolia native Michael Vanhevel plays the part of Elvis.

“It all happens on December 4th, 1956, where Sam Phillips, who is the head of Sun Records at the time, brings Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins all together for one day,” said Vanhevel. “This is a fictional account of what may have happened had those legends all got together and got a chance to jam.”

Christo Graham is also part of the musical and takes on the role of Jerry Lee Lewis.

“It’s him right after his first hit came out,” said Graham. “He’s 21 and he’s the youngest of all the guys and he’s trying to make it big like the others.”

Million Dollar Quartet is on now until May 11. It’s the final show of the season at the Grand Theatre.

Before it’s over, the production highlights more than 20 well known hits that will bring back plenty of memories.

“It’s a high energy show,” said Vanhevel. “I hope people leave dancing in the aisles.”

A scene from the musical production Million Dollar Quartet at the Grand Theatre in London, Ont., seen on April 17, 2024. (Nick Paparella/CTV News London) Top Stories

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