One of Canada’s largest medical marijuana facilities is in the works for Bruce County.

Advanced Medical Marihuana Canada (AMMCan) is currently converting seven acres of greenhouses in the Bruce Energy Centre near Tiverton into a place to grow pot.

John Fowler, director of operations for AMMCan, says "The greenhouse uses the highest quality tempered glass, and it's designed in a way that even though it's designed for tomatoes, it's actually perfect for medical marijuana production. In addition, the location is in an intensive energy-using industrial park, so even though we're in rural Ontario we have a lot of services that we wouldn't find elsewhere."

When complete, the goal is produce as much as 480 kilograms or 1,000 pounds of marijuana a week for chronic pain sufferers across Canada.

Fowler adds that there are a number of things that make the location ideal.

"There's a lot of local businesses that we're working with that are helping us out, there's great infrastructure for fire and law enforcement and perhaps most importantly the greenhouse has essentially an unlimited supply of electricity at a very low cost and also a sufficient supply of water to let us do the production that we plan to do at the greenhouse."

Once the strict security requirements have been met the company hopes to begin production as early as this fall.

The pot factory would employ 100 people at peak production, which is still at least two years away.