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High levels of carbon monoxide send 4 people to hospital


Just before 11 a.m. Tuesday morning, the London Fire Department responded to the 400-block of Simcoe Street in London, Ont.

Upon arrival, the fire department noticed high levels of carbon monoxide (CO) within the building.

Sixteen people were evacuated from the multi-unit dwelling, six of them were treated by paramedics on scene and four were transported to hospital.

Crews monitored the parts per million and based on the levels, they evacuated all three units within the building. It is unclear at this time if there were functioning CO detectors within the building.

London Fire Department Assistant Deputy Chief Gary Bridge said the incident reinforces the importance of CO alarms.

“This is always a good reminder, if you have a house with a fuel fired appliance or an attached garage, to make sure to have a CO alarm, adjacent to all sleeping areas outside their service area. It is known as silent killer, sometimes the only sign that you may get, is that alarm going off,” explained Bridge.

Ventilation was completed with zero readings throughout the structure and all occupants were permitted back inside the building. Top Stories

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