London police say there may be charges following the dismantling of an allegedly "dormant" methamphetamine lab in the city's east end.

On Wednesday, police, the fire department and Health Canada chemists in hazmat suits executed a search warrant at Unit 154 at 1199 Hamilton Rd.

Police say they seized a recipe book for making methamphetamine, ingredients used in making methamphetamine, containers with unidentified solids and liquids along with waste products.

“While it was determined early in this case that there was no immediate risk to public safety, the combination of chemicals involved in illegal synthesis drug operations is always cause for concern,” London Det.-Sgt. Rob Merrimen said in a news release.

“Illegal drug synthesis labs are dangerous and volatile operations that can pose significant threats to both the public and first responders.”

Police say charges are dependent on the analysis of the scene by Health Canada. The investigation may take several weeks to complete.

Neighbours say police were called to the unit Tuesday afternoon after a routine maintenance inspection of the condo aroused suspicion.