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Emergency room open, inpatient unit still closed following Listowel hospital fire

Listowel Memorial Hospital on May 28, 2024. (Krista Simpson/CTV Kitchener) Listowel Memorial Hospital on May 28, 2024. (Krista Simpson/CTV Kitchener)

It will likely be Monday before any inpatients can be admitted to Listowel’s hospital following a fire on Tuesday.

Hospital CEO Karl Ellis said the fire was contained to a second floor room that was under construction, but it will take “several weeks” to allow for the restoration and cleaning of the smoke damage.

“Extensive cleaning is being conducted by a restoration company along with air quality testing conducted by health, safety, and environmental experts. Electronic equipment is being verified and checked. Supplies, linen, and medications are being restocked. Beds, mattresses, privacy curtains and other items that may have absorbed smoke are being cleaned according to industry standards or replaced if necessary,” said a statement from the Listowel-Wingham Hospital’s Alliance.

Twenty-nine inpatients were safely evacuated from the hospital following Tuesday’s fire. Ellis hopes to open the first floor inpatient unit by Monday.

“Until then, patients requiring a hospital admission will be transported to other regional hospitals for care. There has been an exceptional response from our partner hospitals in supporting Listowel. We continue to be grateful for the teamwork and professionalism of our staff as they dealt with a challenging incident and prepare to care for inpatients again in Listowel,” the statement read.

All other hospital services are open and operational, including diagnostic imaging and the emergency room. Top Stories

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