LONDON, ONT. -- A London woman says she’s lucky to be alive after a London Transit Commission (LTC) driver performed CPR on her when she had a heart attack on a city bus last week.

Corrine Knox, 57, says the last thing she remembers is getting on the Route 14 bus at Commissioners and Pond Mills roads last Thursday.

She did not come to until this past Tuesday - five days later.

That is when she was told that the driver of that LTC bus sprung into action when he or she saw that Knox was in distress.

She’s convinced she wouldn’t have lived to tell the story if not for the heroic actions of the public servant.

“When I heard what the bus driver did I couldn't believe it, and I'm so blessed to be alive this day.”

The LTC has not released the identity of the driver, but Knox says she would love to express thanks personally.

“I want to say thank you for saving my life, and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be sitting here.”

Knox is also thankful for the paramedics who she was told arrived quickly and took over from the bus driver.