LONDON, ONT. -- Some of the region’s municipal leaders appear to be growing weary over what they say are mixed messages from the provincial government over COVID-19 restrictions.

This follows a back-and-forth weekend of guessing over whether the province will implement a curfew like that in Quebec.

In Lambton County, where public health officials are reporting a daily record of 85 new cases Monday, the mayor of Sarnia says a curfew wouldn’t be feasible.

“We’re a 24-hour city. The plants in this community that employ thousands of people work 24 hours a day. They’re constant. So we knew it would not be an effective tool here. The real issues here are people gathering. Sometimes in the workplace, sometimes out of the workplace, which is spreading the covid.”

The Mayor of London, Ed Holder said Monday in a virtual news briefing, he believes a curfew would lead to a great deal of confusion.

“Who is allowed to be on the streets? What businesses are allowed to be open? What’s deemed an essential worker? Who presumably would be on the street, who’s not? How do you define them? They’re not wearing insignias or any sort of separate designation.”

In Middlesex County, meanwhile, warden Cathy Burgardt-Jesson said the county wouldn’t have the resources to enforce a measure as extensive as a curfew.

“Those resources are really few and far between, and you know we’re fortuate in the county that we haven’t had to experience the problematic large gatherings that would lead to a call for a curfew.”

She added that while the province may not implement a curfew in the short term, she doesn’t believe it’s completely off the table.