The gardening season is in full bloom, but all that weeding and pruning can take toll on your back if you're not careful.

It's nice to enjoy the fruits of your labour, but make no mistake, back experts say gardening is hard work.

Chriopractor Dr. Rod Overton says "Gardening is a lot like a sport. It's a very 'active' activity. People don't really think about how much strain they're putting on their body when they're gardening."

Experts say when it’s time to get down on your dirty, consider kneeling, but if you can’t there are other options.

"A lot of people have knee problems and they can't kneel on the ground, so an alternate would be to sit on a small stool or even a bucket. You can tip it over and use it as a seat."

Another big part of keeping your back in shape is knowing the correct way to lift.

"When you're carrying it around you don't want to twist because that's where a lot of injuries happen,” Overton says. “You want to move with your feet."

As for what tools you use, Overton adds "The tools you use should…have long handles [ and be] lightweight…rather than having to bend down all the time."

There’s also a proper way when it comes to raking.

"You want to hold the rake like this and keep your feet spaced apart. Then you want to draw it toward you instead of twisting."

Overton also suggests giving you back a break by alternating from heavy jobs to light ones.

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