MIDDLESEX CENTRE, ONT. -- Two weeks ago, Barbie Allen was anxious and living in fear every time she returned home from caring for patients battling COVID-19.

But the recent donation of a trailer to stay in has relaxed the uneasiness of the London, Ont.-area intensive care nurse.

“I was a mess before the trailer, I’m not going to lie. I was afraid of getting and passing the disease to my family. I’m so fearful for my children and especially my son. He has bad asthma and he has been on a ventilator once in his life, already. I was just afraid that if he got this - the results would be devastating.”

Allen’s distressing words were shared during a interview with CTV News - filmed from a distance at her trailer - with a television camera. A phone line provided audio for additional safety.

The donation of the trailer, from Can-Am RV Centre, is not the first given to local front-line workers.

Co-owner Andy Thomson says nearly 20 will be on loan by the end of this week. WIth the recreational trailer business slowed by COVID-19, he says he and his brother Kirk simply wanted to help.

“I can’t do much in a hospital ward, but at least this I can do.”

Can-Am is not the only trailer and RV business making donations. There are several across Ontario alone.

Allen says the generosity shown by all has left her “in tears.”

Working directly with COVID-19 patients she says the outpouring of general public support has helped her and other front-line workers, including doctors, nurse aides and janitorial staff, cope with the crisis.

She struggles to put into words the anguish she experiences when she speaks of COVID patients and their families.

‘I’ve had a few and it is heartbreaking to see them, I just really, really hope they all pull through. It’s a lot to handle. I just think people would be in shock if they saw what we are dealing with.”

While Allen is resting easier in the driveway of her home in the trailer, it is difficult to have not been close to her husband or children for two weeks.

It’s a situation, she knows, no one can predict the end to. But she is looking forward to the day the virus fades away enough to be with them again

“I can’t wait until this is all over I’m going to maul them all with hugs...and they know this is coming,” she concluded with a smile.