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Rib fans rejoice! Strathroy’s Ribfest supports a good cause, drive-thru style 

London, Ont. -

Rib fans rejoice! Get ready to burn some rubber while lining up for this year's Ribfest in Strathroy, Ont.

The drive-thru style event held in the parking lot at West Middlesex Memorial arena is rounding up meat lovers this weekend while also supporting a good cause.

“We partnered with two local ribbers to raise funds for local youth services in Strathroy-Middlesex. Specifically we are increasing our footprint in housing supports because homelessness is such a struggle here so likely that’s where our funds will go,” says Jamie Lee Arseneau with youth Opportunities Unlimited organization (YOU).

Joan Taylor is just one of many to roll on up for some ribs on Saturday morning. She made a donation with one hand and ordered ribs with the other. 

“I like ribs, and it's going to a good cause!”

Members with Youth Opportunities unlimited collect donations at Strathroy, Ont. Drive-Thru Ribfest, Saturday July 10, 2021 (Jordyn Read/CTV London)

Strathroy Ribfest was cancelled in 2020 due to the severity of the pandemic but this year, organizers shifted the format to keep the event up and running.

Masked event organizers set up construction pylons to monitor drive-thru motorists while customers roll down their windows to order their meals.

"It’s cool and it’s different! It’s a good way to socially distance and it keeps the lines down as well,” says Ribfest attendee Rebecca McCarron.

Volunteers hang out on the sidelines ready to collect donations for the YOU organization.

It’s all for a good cause, with Ribbers thrilled to smell meat on the grill and to see customers in the cue once more.

“We personally as an owner, we took a massive hit in the mass gathering section, we never saw it coming but we made do with what we had… I am very shocked, I can’t believe the turnout yesterday I felt like I was in a big city,” says Gus Sakellis owner Ribs Royale BBQ.

‘We are doing what we love which is cooking up some great bbq and supporting a great cause during this pandemic which is affecting everybody, we have a really good drive thru system, everyone gets their ribs, and just come out and try and enjoy a little taste of summer,” says pit master Ricki Kefalidis, Fat Boy BBQ.

In a span of two days Ribfest raised $11,000 out of their $16,000 goal for YOU.

Ribfest runs the entirety of the weekend, for hours click here. Top Stories

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