While not all Londoners may have heard of the ‘Canada’s London’ slogan, most had a positive reaction once they were introduced to it.

The branding for the city was first introduced in March when London hosted the World Figure Skating Championships.

And those who were introduced to the idea by CTV News on Monday, had good things to say about it.

Sarah Tarcisio says “I think it's creative. I like how they use the maple leaf as the ‘o.’”

Heather Carey adds “When you Google London you have to type in Ontario or Canada to get London, so that makes lots of sense.”

Downtown London's Janette MacDonald says “The logo and the brand and the idea was widely accepted and everybody liked it because it kind of brought us all together.”

And unlike the city's logo, which can only be used by the municipality, anyone can use it.

A banner installed last week is just the beginning of what the city hopes will become a recognizable brand throughout the city.

The campaign has cost around $200,000 and likely won’t cost any more, MacDonald says “The ongoing costs will be really dependent on who wants to use it. I really don't see that it's going to be an expensive thing to move forward.”

She also doesn't think this brand will take away from London's Forest City image, since it continues to encourage a positive outlook of being alive.

The city will decide if they want to continue with the ‘Canada’s London’ slogan at a committee meeting on Tuesday.