Transcription and calculation errors after ranked ballots were used at London city hall to appoint citizens to boards, has some blasting council's decision to use the ballots.

At a marathon meeting on Tuesday night, D. VandenBoomen was named to the London Council for Adult Education, when in fact, M. Sheehan was the actual winner.

City clerks had to do many, many rounds of calculations to come up with the results of the voting.

Several councillors expressed their regret at the mistake, including Phil Squire who slammed the decision to use ranked ballots.

In the end, council voted to correct the mistake, though councillors Stephen Turner, Mo Salih and Arielle Kayabaga voted against the decision.

But that wasn't the end of the issue.

Following a break to confirm results Wednesday night, Councillor Josh Morgan found a mistake in how his votes were transcribed for ranking Tourism Board appointees, and the city clerk found a similar mistake in the LTC citizen appointments.

Council then decided to pause citizen appointments to two committees - Council for Adult Education and Eldon House Board - so they could conduct interviews with candidates.

More discussion of the use of ranked ballots to make appointments to public committees and corrections to errors is expected at upcoming council meetings.

OOPS! A mistake at city hall last night when Council members used ranked ballots to appoint citizens to boards. D. Vanden Boomen was named winner last night by mistake. Actual winner was M. Sheehan. @SquirePhil fumes, blasts Council’s decision to use ranked ballots. #LdnOnt