Londoners who rely on public transit will have an alternative option this spring.

Community CarShare is Ontario's first car sharing co-op and it will start this March in London.

"In a nutshell, what we do is allow people to spread the fixed costs of car ownership to all the other members," says company president Jason Hammond.

To participate, interested parties register online and choose a vehicle

Members then activate the cars with smart key cards and use them as needed.

"If they want to put winter tires on or do an oil change that all just happens automatically so they don't need to worry about it. So it's more convenient as well," adds Hammond.

This concept appeals to some Londoners.

"Not having those expenses but being able to use a car when you really need it would be a benefit. And especially because between London and smaller towns around it, there's no transit," says Courtney Joris.

Hammond says the business model has worked well in surrounding cities and sees great opportunity in London.

"There's a strong university presence and a revitalizing going on downtown. It's a model we know how to work with well and for years we have been breaking the rules with where it works. Car sharing isn't just for Toronto," says Hammond.