The rise in temperature means the slow reduction of snowbanks.

Take a drive down most city streets and you'll notice garbage that has emerged from the melt.

"Oh we're noticing it and we start hearing from Londoners as soon as that snow disappears, they want to see things cleaned up and that's not possible from any city especially the size of London," says Jay Stanford, director of Environmental Programs & Solid Waste.

Stanford says the post-winter cleanup by the city isn't scheduled until mid or late April and even then it may be pushed back

"This year with the prolonged winter, most of our operations are being delayed. We're still in winter mode right now. Crews are still ready for more snow, the salters and sanders are still active," adds Stanford.

And it's not hard to find signs of Christmas in March, mainly because Christmas got lost under inches and inches of snow.

"Everything just got bombarded by all the snow we got. It hit so fast we didn't even know it was coming. So everything got buried," laughs Mary Shura, who has many decorations trapped by the white stuff.

What else is emergeing from the snow? Shoes, lunch bags, clothing and lots and lots of garbage.

Stanford says this is the time that Londoners can really band together and make the Forest City clean.

The London Clean and Green project takes place April 26th.