LONDON, ONT. -- Is it time to add masks to the school uniform? McCarthy Uniforms’ store in London is preparing for that possibility with their unique mask line made with kids for kids.

Generic masks come as one-size-fits all, but kids and teens often don’t fit those basic measurements, making it difficult to keep a mask on without slippage.

President of McCarthy Uniforms Vanessa Iarocci convened a group of kids and teens to design a mask line with sizes ranging from small to large to counteract these issues.

“We asked [youth], ‘If you could design your perfect mask what would it look like?’ We took all that feedback and made it happen,” says Iarocci.

The creative designs that they placed on the masks to give it the 'cool-factor' include camouflage, paint splatter and a fancy moustache, among others.

“These ideas came right from the kids themselves…you want your child to actually keep the mask on,” says Iarocci.

She hopes that if young people like the look and feel of their mask, they won't mind having it on for longer periods of time.

“The masks are also 100 per cent cotton, which is really important as lots of kids and teens have skin allergies, irritations and sensitive skin,” says Iarocci.

A package of masks also comes with an adjustable tool with ‘teeth’ that help tighten the mask even more for the smallest of heads.

Daniel Cornwall is a student going into Grade 9 who decided to pick up an adjustable mask before the school semester starts.

“[Regular masks] are too big for me…it’s always like falling down and I have to raise it up,” he says.

“This mask is close up to the face, it’s not loose…I feel like I won’t be touching it all…only when I go to eat lunch.”

A person can also write their name on the inside of the mask so they do not accidentally switch their mask with their friends or siblings.

Iarocci adds that the masks do not have logos or brands and fit the appropriate dress-code guidelines for various school boards.

It is important to note that rules and regulations surrounding mask use in schools have not been decided or enforced.

The Middlesex-London Health Unit has not mandated masks to be used in public places or indoors, they are only recommended.

You can order a mask in store in London or order online.