LONDON, Ont. -- While London proper seems to be spared from a major hit, snow squalls will continue to pester the region before weakening late Friday.

Londoners woke up to snow covered cars and lawns Friday, but far less than the 25-30 centimetres originally projected, however many areas surrounding the city are reporting far more snow.

Viewers have seen as much as a foot of snow in areas such as Ingersoll.

London could still see an additional 10-15 cm of snow before the squalls taper off.

For some areas the total amount of snow that fell could be as high as 40 cm by the time it is all over.

However don’t expect the snow to stick around for long, temperatures are expected to climb back about freezing over the weekend with rain on Sunday.

The snow has been hazardous for area roads with the Ontario Provincial Police reporting 75 collisions across the region Thursday.