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BREAKING Man fatally shot by police in east London: SIU

The province’s Special Investigations Unit is on scene at a home in London where a man was fatally shot. According to the SIU, first responders were called to the scene on Wellesley Crescent just before midnight on Tuesday for a domestic violence investigation.

Alice Munro monument to remain in Clinton

Central Huron council discussed the monument during its most recent meeting, in light of the revelation of sexual abuse in Munro’s Clinton home by her second husband against her daughter, that Munro allegedly turned a blind eye to.

Fatal crash being investigated in Huron County

Around 4:20 p.m. on Tuesday, emergency services responded to a crash between a pickup truck and a semi-truck in the area of Perth Road 164 and Sunshine Line in South Huron — about 20 km southeast of Exeter.

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