The deep cold has the London Humane Society appealing to pet owners to be responsible, and if necessary abandon their normal routine in favour of common sense.

While some dogs are made for the snow, others are not, says Judy Foster, director of the London Humane Society.

"We all know what it's like to go home and have the dog barking, it wants to get out and go for its walk. It's not reading the themometer, but you are."

At the humane society Foster has implemented a five to ten minute rule for dogs in the outside runs during the cold snap, depending on how suited the dog is for the conditions.

And she's encouraging pet owners to keep walks with their pooch close to home.

"Dogs are very good at masking when they're in pain or when they're in distress. So, when the dog is starting to show, you know, that it's had enough and it's cold and possibly it's hurting, now it's starting to limp, it's going lame and you're half an hour away from the house, what are you going to do?"

It's important to pay attention to what your dog wants. Anthony Malbrech says his dog Katy sets the agenda when it comes to outside time.

"She doesn't go in the backyard as much. Like in the springtime she'll spend a couple of hours just hanging out in the back yard but in the winter she's just in and out really quick."

Foster says pet owners also have to be on the lookout for is salt and chemical ice melters which can actually be harmful if ingested.

"Those things get into the paws and they have to be removed immediately when you get back into the house because of course, what are they going to do, they're going to lick their paws."

And when it comes to outdoor dog houses, the popular plastic models just don't cut it.

Chris Chew, an investigator with the London Human Society, says an insulated wood dog house that is elevated off the ground is the way to go.

"The dog should be able to get in, should be able lay down to the full extent of its body inside the dog house. The dog house should have a flap and it should be facing away from prevailing winds."

Of course the best solution is finding indoor activities to keep dogs busy on these extreme cold days.