As 7,000 Liquor Control Board workers prepare to walk off the job Friday, the LCBO is urging people to stock up on product ahead of the Victoria Day long weekend.

"We are telling people that we have a long weekend coming, and we have a potential labour disruption so if you want to be prepared for the long weekend, go now," LCBO spokesperson Sally Ritchie told CTV News.

In a statement posted to its website Friday, the LCBO suggested customers should "shop early" for the best product selection, especially since most of its stores will be closed on May 20.

But the province remains optimistic that this labour strife will pass.

"Listen, I think we are going to have a great long weekend & I'm certain both parties will come to an agreement shortly," says Finance Minister Charles Sousa.

But, for now, the looming threat of a strike, is unnerving.

"If it seems to be a unsolvable issue, we are in limbo!' says Rob Kelly of Blackfly Beverages of London.

If a work stoppage does occur, it couldn't come at a worse possible time for Blackfly, as the company has warehouses full of product ready to go, for the busy summer months.

"Everything we do is almost all LCBO. A work stoppage is an 85-percent work stoppage in our plant," says Kelly

The public is being urged to stock up in case of a lengthy stoppage.

"I want some of my beer for the long weekend & they're not likely going to be open Friday," says Londoner Ray Mills.

"I actually came for something else, and I thought, well I might as well be cautious and get a little extra," says Crista McIntyre

But there is some possible good news for those who like to imbibe.

LCBO Management has confirmed to CTV they're looking at contingency plans to keep service going.

They won't reveal what those are, but a local OPSEU official suspects, management plans to operate stores.

"We understand the LCBO may be renting empty retail space, and putting LCBO product in and making that available to the public," says Dave Holmes of OPSEU.