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Bright billboards causing driver headaches and safety concerns


Some drivers in London, Ont.’s west end are raising concerns about a pair of shining digital billboards recently installed on a rail overpass.

“It’s definitely a lot brighter than what you expect to see on a sign so I understand how it might bother some people,” said driver Valter Hodor, who was out driving Monday night.

The digital billboards by RCC Media have been affixed to the north and south sides of the overpass on Wonderland Road North, just south of Oxford Street West.

They’ve gotten the attention of drivers on social media, with some commenting and sharing dashcam footage.

“Is it just me or is this thing blindingly icepick headache inducing?” asked Reddit user 1UningedMom.

Rokemay added, “It’s crazy bright. Even during the day I find it incredibly distracting.”

Meliorism_and_Meraki wrote “bliiiinded by the light.”

In a statement to CTV News, Peter Kokkoros, the city’s Director, Building and Chief Building Official, said the signs “were issued permits for display, and the locations of the signs are in compliance with the council approved Sign By-law. The city will continue to Monitor the signs’ brightness levels to ensure compliance with the illumination regulations…”

Ward 8 Councillor Steve Lehman, whose ward borders the signs, said the brightness problem will be dealt with, but he added that the signage is better than what was there before.

“They cover up rusty railroad sidings and graffiti, with the signs, which I think are an urban blight, quite frankly,” he explained. “CN rail was responding to a request to clean up the city and this is where they kind of met the middle grounds.”

Ward 13 Councillor David Ferriera, whose ward also borders the bright signs, said he’s concerned about driver safety, and will also be following up with city staff. Top Stories


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