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Zellers is making a comeback: hundreds attend store opening


From the moment employees opened the doors to White Oaks Mall on Thursday morning, hundreds of people flocked to Zellers.

Curiosity and low prices have enticed many to head to the mall for Thursday's official opening.

“When you're looking for a store as iconic as Zellers you’re looking for nostalgia and low prices,” said Liam O’Brien, who was excited to step foot back inside the store.

O’Brien explained how looking around Zellers was a trip down memory lane, adding, “Among other stores, there’s something about Zellers that has a magic touch.”

Joan Belifi said the last time she was in a Zellers was likely 10-15 years ago.

“It’s great to see it open again!” she said at the opening.

Zellers employees will be handing out tickets for customers to win prizes including gift cards and t-shirts for the remainder of the day.

In 2013 Zellers closed hundreds of its stores in Canada once Target bought the company in a $1.8-billion deal with Hudson’s Bay.Liam O’Brien was one of dozens to attend Zellers official opening at White Oaks Mall on March 23, 2022. (Jenn Basa/CTV London)

The return of the low-cost department store is a relief for many who are tired of feeling the weight of inflation.

“It’s a lot cheaper, it seems, compared to back then,” said one shopper.

Zellers offers a variety of lifestyle goods including home decor, clothing, toys and more.

“I’m going to come back again this afternoon!” said Jessica Belifi, who was one of the first people to make their way into the store.

The history of Zellers in London stems back to 1928 when Walter P. Zeller started the chain on Dundas Street in downtown London.

It was an instant success sparking him to sell it off to another retailer, who renamed the stores and expanded to 14 other markets.

Zellers is now located on the second floor of the Hudson’s Bay at White Oaks Mall.

Another 25 locations will open in Canada, including nine in Ontario.

Zellers’ representatives were not available for an interview on Thursday. Top Stories

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