Ava Meadows is no stranger to the children’s hospital because she suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome.

“The health issues can be very mild but they can be extreme as well and at every point of her life she’s going to need medical treatment,” says Ava’s mom Sherri Meadows.

The family travels from Embro to Children’s hospital in london approx 40 times a year, something Ava says can be scary at times.

“I get nervous a lot of times yeah.”

Her mom agrees, “Most of the time she’s coming she’s anxious about needles and she’s anxious about blood work so it’s not a fun day for her," but not today, because today Ava and other young patients get to enjoy a fun filled teddy bear picnic day at LHSC’s Children’s Hospital.

“Families first of all are so surprised when they come to this event they can see their children having fun and really enjoying the day,” says the Director of the Children’s Hospital Kelly Finlayson.

Approximately one-hundred children and their families are taking part In this event, an event that Finlayson allows children to leave their hospital beds and have a little fun.

“Having this moment for parents to walk with their kids and see them excited to see the princess or Ollie the clown and the star wars characters and take pictures it really creates just a normal day for the families."

Ava adds it turns the hospital for the day into a place of less fear.

“It changes for children it changes for adults it changes for everyone who’s here and with all the cool characters it makes me feel happy”.