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SIU invokes mandate after suspect, officer injured during arrest in south London

(Source: London Police Service) (Source: London Police Service)

The province’s Special Investigations Unit has invoked their mandate after a suspect and a police officer were injured during an arrest related to a traffic investigation on Sunday morning.

According to the London Police Service, early Sunday morning police stopped a vehicle in the city’s south end in relation to a traffic investigation.

The driver of the suspect vehicle fled from police on foot and was arrested a short distance away.

During the arrest, the suspect male resisted officers.

Police said that following the arrest, it was learned the suspect had sustained a serious, non-life-threatening injury.

As a result of the altercation, a London police officer also sustained minor injuries.

The suspect has since been released from hospital and remains in custody.

The Special Investigations Unit has been notified and has invoked their mandate. Top Stories

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