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'Should be in Canadian Music Hall of Fame': 50 Years later, Helix still rocking


At 68-years old, Helix front man Brian Vollmer still wants to ‘Rock You!’

Helix the Band is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024, and fans are still passionate.

Saturday afternoon in Vollmer’s backyard in London, Ont., Helix held an intimate concert for about 100 fans, which also gave them a chance to meet and hang out with the band at the first-ever Helix backyard barbeque.

“We've always had a close connection with our fans,” says Vollmer. “Even back in 1974 when we started, we used to answer our fan mail and, we paid close attention to our fans, so this is really nothing new.”

A stage was built in his east London backyard and they sold merchandise at the “bring your own booze” event.

“This is absolutely one of the best shows that I have been to,” said Susan Pindus, a fan who travelled from Windsor, Ont. “To be in the backyard and to actually share moments with Brian and the guys up there, they're absolutely amazing. Bryan's voice is absolutely amazing, and the songs that he sings, I can actually relate to them. He is the number one front man.”

Glenn Richard and his friend Laura Grealis parked their camping chairs just about 10 feet from the stage.

A push is on to get Helix the Band into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Lead singer Brian Vollmer has been rocking for fans since 1974 (Brent Lale/CTV News London)“I'm 63 on Monday, and I've known them since I was 19, so. Yeah, they mean a lot,” said Richard. “Every time I hear him on the radio it gets turned up.”

Long-time friend of the band Bill ‘Snake’ Pulley was there. He was actually in the video for the song ‘Running Wild in the 21st Century.’

“Helix just keeps on Rockin’, you know R-O-C-K, Rock You,” said Pulley. “They opened up for KISS, so they’re special man. They’re London.”

Pulley said he plans to keep rocking with them for the rest of his life.

“Wen I die, I’m going to leave my guitar, my Gibson Les Paul and give it to Brian.”

Jay Panaseiko, who is making a push to get Helix into the exclusive Canadian Music Hall of Fame, promoted the event.

“Helix is celebrating [its] 50th year, and they were the soundtrack to me growing up,” said Panaseiko, who owns Studio 73 Digital Media. “A lot of their lyrics hold true to the way that I've lived my life. You are going to be seeing links everywhere. You know give them a vote. Let's, make sure they know Helix should be in [its] rightful place in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.”

Helix continues to go strong, playing venues big and small around the world.

“This year we started off just outside Chicago, Illinois playing a speakeasy that was built by AL Capone himself that was with Honeymoon Suite and they were at a casino in Edmonton playing with Aldo Nova for 2,000 people there,” said Vollmer. “Last September we were in Hamburg, Germany, so we still play all over the world. We play big concerts, thousands and thousands of people to, backyard barbecues.”

Vollmer said he’d like to follow in the footsteps of the greats like Johnny Cash, and keep writing songs until the day he dies.

Vollmer also wants to continue to give back to his fans, and entertain.

“It's all just about meeting people,” said Vollmer. “You can only meet one person at a time. So that's what you do.” Top Stories

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