LONDON, ONT. -- It was not your typical college graduation ceremony, but there was no shortage of pomp and ceremony at Lambton College on Wednesday.

Close to 500 of the school’s graduates got into cars with their families and friends, and took their road to success straight through the Sarnia campus in a drive-by graduation parade.

"This opportunity to be here and be part of the history is awesome," said Milka Matos, who could be seen taking it all in as she stood up in the sunroof of the car she was riding in, holding up a sign that said 'Quarantined Grad #LCGRAD2020.'

Quarantined Grad

The international student from Dominican Republic just graduated from the Business Administration program at Lambton

"I’m so proud, I’m amazed, I’m feeling welcome, I’m feeling really happy, thank you for that."

The college’s traditional convocation ceremony was supposed to be held earlier this month, but had to be cancelled because of COVID-19.

Lambton College President Judith Morris said the students deserved to be recognized for their achievements after working through the adversity of the last several months.

"These students deserve it more than anybody because they have come through a really tough year, and they were so successful. They demonstrated resilience, adaptability, what else could we do but clearly say 'congratulations,' I’m so pleased for them."

Graduate Veronica Willsie drove through the parade route with three of her four children in tow. She just completed the two-year Office Administration Executive program, and was ecstatic to take in the somewhat unorthodox accolades.

"I absolutely love this, with the professors all coming together. I wouldn’t trade this at all. I love it, love, love, love it."

Celebratory music was pumped out of loud-speakers, as college instructors and supporters lined the parade route through the campus from London Road to Wellington Road.

Each student took home a pizza kit and fresh produce as a bonus for their achievements.