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Owen Sound, Ont. restaurant reopens following fatal August assault

Keventh Rodriguez wanted to be one of the first customers to return to The Curry House in Owen Sound to honour the former owner, Sharif Rahman, who paid his family a kindness a few years ago.

“We were new to town. We came here to eat, but the restaurant was closed. Sharif waved us in. He sat us over there, and cooked dinner for us. We were the only ones here. There are a lot of good food memories here that are very special to me,” explained the Owen Sound native.

Sharif Rahman, whose picture now hangs behind The Curry House till, left his mark on Owen Sound during his eight years in the shoreline city.

Unfortunately, that impact was cut short on Aug. 17 of this year when three disgruntled patrons fatally assaulted Rahman outside his downtown restaurant. His death shocked the community and led to an outpouring of support, including $250,000 in donations.

For the first time since those events, his wife and young daughter reopened the doors to The Curry House to the public.

Sharif’s widow, Shayela Nasrin, said she may not be as good a cook as her husband, but she wanted to honour his legacy and thank the community for their support by carrying on what they started together eight years ago.

By the support, since reopening on Sunday night, the community is happy they are back.

The Curry House in Owen Sound, Ont. reopened for the first time since the owner, Sharif Rahman, was fatally assaulted outside his restaurant on August 17, 2023. (Scott Miller/CTV News London)

“I am glad they are open again. I missed them when they were shut down. I’m still very upset about what happened to Sharif, and the failure to find the “you-know-what's” who did that to him,” said former Curry House employee, Dan Beaulieu.

“Everybody has been here for Sharif and his family, and we still want to support them until we figure out what happened. So, we want to give them as much support as we can to keep the doors open,” said loyal customer, Kate Robinson.

“We’re here to show support. To show that the community is still rallying behind the family. We want the business to be successful, despite the things that have happened,” added Ange Torrie.

Customers return to The Curry House in Owen Sound, Ont. on Nov. 20, 2023, three months after a fatal assault outside the restaurant that killed owner Sharif Rahman. (Scott Miller/CTV News London)

It’s an emotional reopening for Nasrin, but she believes it’s what her husband would have wanted.

“Normal will never be what it was before, but it’s good to take that step forward. I think it’s a relief to see the restaurant reopened, for the community,” said Owen Sound’s Mayor, Ian Boddy.

“It means progress. Like, things moving forward, perhaps. It’s a light within Owen Sound. That’s The Curry House,” added Rodriguez.

Three suspects are still at large and are wanted for the homicide of Sharif Rahman. Police said there have been many tips and progress in the case, but no arrests as of yet.

In the meantime, The Curry House, with its former owner watching over it, is back in business — much to the delight of its loyal customers. Top Stories

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