The London Professional Fire Fighters Association has come forward with a proposal as a harassment scandal rocked city hall.

In a statement made available over social media the LPFFA says they have proposed to establish a joint committee consisting of members of labour organizations and management leadership.

The goal of the committee will be to “develop strategies for examining, reviewing, and improving employee support structure.”

On Monday, council held a special in-camera meeting to discuss “personal matters.”

After the meeting, London city manager Martin Hayward issued a news release stating the city has numerous policies in place to ensure “a workplace that is free of harassment and discrimination.”

On Tuesday Mayor Matt Brown released a statement reaffirming his support for Hayward and noting the city has numerous harassment policies in place. He said that Responding publicly to allegations and information collected by a third party is not the way to resolve any issue. We have an obligation to our employees to keep these types of matters confidential and private and we will continue to do so.”

The union that represents London firefighters says they commend the courage of those stepping forward because those voices need to be heard.

"The London Professional Firefighters Association continues to remain steadfast in all our efforts to engage our management and leadership team in conversations about buiding and protecting a safe workplace," says LPFA president Jason Timlick.