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Local junior achievers learning to launch their own business


A free program in London teaches students how to launch and run their own businesses.

Liam is the president of Charm Clipz, a hair accessory company, and he, along with his team, are launching and running the business through junior achievers program.

The organization teaches students from grades four to 12, financial health and work skills.

“It’s a super social setting. Everyone needs to be talking with each other, we learn from our mistakes, we learn what we do well,” said Liam.

He added, the program has taught him how to be a leader.

“I've learned a lot about just how to manage people in general, so it's been a great skill to hone in on how to get the best out of people and motivate them to continue to do better.”

The junior achievers meet weekly from October to April — learning from experienced volunteer mentors.

“You learn how to communicate more with your peers. Like the students behind me right now, most of them have never met each other, create a product, sell it all on their own, and they have a little bit of guidance from the junior achievers organization and also their mentors,” said John, one of the mentors.

The teens turned entrepreneurs say the program has given them more confidence in navigating the corporate world.

The program is completely free of charge and runs all over southwestern Ontario. Top Stories

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