A $100,000 lawsuit by London Mayor Joe Fontana’s former friend, Tony Bacsa, was dismissed Friday in Milton.

Bacsa, a Londoner, claimed Fontana owed him thousands of dollars for consultant work he did for GPEC Global, a firm chaired by Fontanta.

Bacsa earlier testified his his $8,000 a month invoices to establish business connections for a garbage to electricity project in Romania went unpaid and Fontana had personally promised him he would get his money.

Bacsa had been pressed in court last month about whether it was his client or GPEC Global that owed the money as Fontana didn’t receive his fees for consultant work either.

Ontario Superior Court Justice William Hourigan stated that he found it was doubtful that there was a contract in which Fontana had assumed personal responsibility for Bacsa's expenses,

“I reject as not credible the evidence of Mr. Bacsa that he believed he had an agreement with Mr. Fontana wherein Mr. Fontana personally agreed to pay his fees and expenses,” he wrote.