It is a sad start to the holiday season for hundreds of former employees at the Kellogg's plant.

Monday morning the company held a final gathering inside the plant before locking the gates for good after more than a century

Employees have known for a year the day was coming, but that didn't make it any easier or less emotional.

They left in small groups, some snapping pictures and others carrying reminders of their years working for Kellogg's.

And amidst the hugs and handshakes, there was a flood of emotions for Kellogg's workers following their last day at the London plant.

Marcel Cormier say "It was a great life, a real wonderful time, work was great, people were awesome. Now, we don't know what is going to happen."

The 107 years of manufacturing history at the London plant came to a close after a company-organized gathering.

Last December, Kellogg's announced the plant was closing and its cereal production was being moved to a newer facility costing 450 people their jobs.

And though workers face financial uncertainty and disappearing manufacturing jobs, it was their friends and co-workers that were on their minds.

Georgina Cooke explains, "You are worrying because you are hearing about some co-workers who are not handling things so well, but it is what it is and we will move on."

As the reminiscing about a century of Kellogg's production in London ends, the focus turns to what's next for the property.

Real estate insiders tell CTV News there is already significant interest in the property, with newer sections scouted for possible re-development into residential units and the rest of the property possibly remaining for light industrial use.

Most workers doubt another large scale manufacturer would be interested in replacing the cereal maker.

Paul McCombs says, "It was unfortunate for the people and for the city, but we all move forward I guess."

Cormer adds, "Corporate greed. It sucks and it's killing the country."

The Kellogg's Action Centre - an employee resource helping to connect those still out of work with support, re-training and new jobs remains open.