STRATFORD, ONT. -- Kevin McCotter, originally from St. Marys, Ont. has imported 10,000 surgical masks into Canada and is personally delivering the personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals, retirement homes and to the public.

McCotter is co-owner of a clothing company called POOK, and has connections with major mask manufactures.

“After a week of due diligence and samples, we have placed an order for 10,000 masks,” says McCotter.

The masks are certified and FDA approved which means they are safe for use in health-care settings.

On Tuesday, after a number of donations from friends and the public, McCotter delivered 1,000 masks to St. Marys Memorial Hospital, 2,000 to Stratford General Hospital and 500 masks to retirement homes.

Andrew Williams, president and CEO of the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance, greeted McCotter outside of Stratford General Hospital to collect the masks and to say thanks.

“It always takes someone to step forward and lead from the community perspective, and that is what we are experiencing today,” says Williams.

“Our entire organization, everybody is required to wear a mask. As you may have noticed from the box that has already been donated, it’s already been taken into the front door to be used.”

On the website, Masks for Champions, you can order a mask at cost, which is then delivered to the hospital of your choice, free-of-charge.

“Some people bought one box of 50, some people bought 200. One gentlemen bought 2,000 for the community in Stratford,” says McCotter.

You can also request that the masks be delivered to retirement homes or even order some for yourself, as the masks are open to the public.

Williams says that the hospital has hundreds of nurses a day to provide PPE equipment for, so its important that a shipment is always coming in.

“One of the biggest focuses is retaining PPE for staff and family members. So having people step up who want to make a difference, it makes us feel fantastic,” says Williams.

McCotter says he will continue to get masks to those who need it for as long as he is able, he only asks for one thing in return.

“If someone wants to reach out and offer me a free haircut that would be much appreciated, as you can tell.”