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Crown wraps up its case at Robert Charnock murder trial


The Crown completed its case at the second-degree murder trial of 42-year-old Robert Charnock Tuesday at the London, Ont. courthouse after calling a doctor from the St. Thomas psychiatric hospital.

Charnock is accused of killing his one-time friend in December of 2021.

Both he and the victim, 56-year-old Kenneth Wallis were tenants at a Wharncliffe Road rooming house when Wallis died after suffering deep lacerations.

During the trial, the court heard that Charnock suffers from mental health issues along with having an anti-social personality disorder.

However, Dr. Jason Quinn, who interviewed Charnock and compiled a 43-page report, testified, “My conclusion is that, from a psychiatric perspective, Mr. Charnock does not have the defence of not criminally responsible.”

The doctor went on to say, “[Charnock] was attempting to persuade me that he had this illness, schizophrenia, and that was responsible for all of his violent past.”

The court has heard that Wallis and the accused were friends but that things changed after Charnock accused the victim of stealing from him and lacing his drugs with fentanyl.

Charnock has plead not guilty to second-degree murder.

The trial has now been adjourned until Friday.

Kenneth Wayne Wallis of London, Ont. is seen in this undated photo. (Source: Wayne Wallace / Facebook) Top Stories


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