LONDON, ONT. -- The City of London is taking more steps in in an effort to enhance physical distancing measures on sidewalks, roads and in parks.

City officials say they wants to make it will make it easier for pedestrians to follow physical distancing guidelines of at least two metres from others.

As of Friday, it closed Blackfriars Bridge and the eastbound curb lane of Kensington Bridge on Riverside Drive to vehicles until further notice.

The city hopes this will provide more space for people walking and biking at these locations. Traffic flow in both directions on Kensington Bridge will continue.

On bridges and tunnels that are narrow, pedestrians are now required to stop for oncoming pedestrians and wait until the sidewalk is clear before crossing. The city will install signage with instructions to ensure Londoners are aware of locations impacted by this change.

As well, sections of Highbury Avenue sidewalks over the railway bridges will be deemed one-way for pedestrian traffic (one side for southbound users, one side for northbound users). Londoners approaching these areas will be notified by signs.

The city is also reminding the public that all outdoor play structures including playgrounds, multi-use courts and skate parks are closed, along with city sports fields, golf courses, off-leash dog parks and community gardens.

Parks, green spaces, trails and pathways remain open for walk-through only. The city says it will be actively monitoring outdoor spaces over the weekend.

People not complying with closures and provincial or federal orders will face fines. To report a concern, contact or 519-661-4660.